Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Automated Total Light Deprivation

    Control your photoperiod.
    Integrate with a Ceres controller.
  • Easy to operate
  • Custom built motors & motor control with automatic load
  • Fully sealed perimeters with custom built light-lock gutters
  • Curtains UV-stabilized for long lifespan
  • Three-layer curtains create complete deprivation
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    Interested in a Cannabis Greenhouse?

    Light deprivation is a necessary component of a cannabis greenhouse and is available in both Ceres custom greenhouses & standard kits.

    light deprivation system

    Control Your Light Levels

    Some plants are highly sensitive to photoperiod, meaning they have evolved to begin flowering at a specific day length.

    Greenhouse light deprivation systems allow the grower to control light levels to achieve a desired plant response. This allows for multiple harvests in a year (depending on the crop).

    Ceres Greenhouses create the best of both worlds: using free natural light and creating a highly controlled environment for year-round harvests. Plus, our solid end wall design means we have less surface area in need of blacking out, meaning a tighter light deprivation system.

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