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    Ceres BackYard Kits

    Allow growers to be more self-reliant and sustainable by providing a space to grow food all year long. All BackYard Kits include: steel framing, glazing insulated walls, exhaust system, doors, windows and plans. The insulated metal panels are thermally broken, reducing heat loss and creating a more durable and protected environment. The steel framing is pre-fabricated which allows them to be shipped to site and easily constructed. We also design our BackYard Kits to local wind and snow loads.

    BackYard Kits are great for:

    • The resilient household
    • Schools
    • Community gardens
    • Small farms
    • Aquaponic Integration
    • Extending the growing season
    • Plant starts

    What is a GAHT® System?

    GAHT® systems provide energy-efficient climate control by using the mass of soil underground. Often called ground-to-air heat exchanger or climate battery, GAHT® systems serve four critical functions:

    • Year-round heating and cooling
    • Humidity control
    • Air circulation
    • Renewable climate control

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