Grow it yourself. eat what you grow

Take control of your food supply with your very own GREENHOUSE

    Ceres Residential Greenhouses are perfect for:
  • Growing unlimited, fresh produce
  • Learning about growing, biology, & grow systems
  • A living classroom for kids
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    custom residential greenhouse

    Ceres Residential Greenhouses

    • Our steal-framed BackYard Kit comes in sizes 18’x24’ and 18’x30 and is perfect for year round growing.

    Custom Greenhouse options allow for home-growers to own something unique. They are typically designed to be stick-framed, and are either free-standing structures or an extension of the home.

    • Or Do-It-Yourself with our pre-engineered greenhouse plans. Perfect for someone who has the time and is looking for a worthwhile project!

    What is a GAHT™ System?

    GAHT™ systems provide energy-efficient climate control by using the mass of soil underground. Often called ground-to-air heat exchanger or climate battery, GAHT™ systems serve four critical functions:

    • Year-round heating and cooling
    • Humidity control
    • Air circulation
    • Renewable climate control

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