The Future of Farming. Technological innovation in agriculture is rapidly evolving, allowing for farms to move closer to population centers.  We can customize solutions for your rooftops, empty lots, or any space you want to transform into a growing facility.

Urban Greenhouse

Benefits of Gardening

In research studies, gardening has been associated with numerous health benefits, including:

  • Reduced symptoms of depression and stress
  • A connection to nature
  • Lowered risk of dementia
  • Improved mobility

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Community Applications

A year-round greenhouse can bring the natural healing powers of gardening to retirement homes, correctional facilities, schools, businesses, or any place that has space a need for fresh local food and a vibrant community. Other urban applications include:

  • Season extenders for existing farms
  • Seed starting operations
  • Restaurants looking for fresh food
  • In communities with existing food deserts

We work with Rabensteiner to customize a solution to your urban grow.

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From the US to Australia, we have designed and built projects all over the globe. Employing international designers and using regional-specific manufacturing, we are devoted to using the highest quality materials in the most efficient way possible in order to keep your operating costs low.

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