Custom Commercial Greenhouses

Custom Commercial Greenhouses

Energy-Efficient Commercial Greenhouses, Tailored to Your Climate

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Every climate is different. In order to perform at it’s best, a greenhouse must take into account outdoor climate conditions. Unlike most greenhouse manufacturers, who use a one-size-fits all approach, Ceres team of engineers works with you to optimize a greenhouse for your climate and growing goals. Ceres greenhouses create an naturally abundant environment with more stable temperatures, increased air circulation, and lower humidity levels. That lowers pest and disease issues, and reduces stress on plants. The end result is higher yields and higher profits.


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Using passive solar greenhouse design principles, including insulated walls and optimized glazing, Ceres greenhouses are vastly more energy-efficient than any model on the market. We pair our super efficient designs with innovative heating / cooling systems (e.g. GAHT systems) to create a ‘self-heating’ greenhouse that reduces energy costs on average by 50%. This has been proven by our dozens of installations, such as our recent Leadville case study, growing year-round at 10,000 ft. elevation in the Colorado mountains.


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By creating a energy-efficient structure, Ceres commercial greenhouses are able to grow year-round in any climate. We have worked with growers in climates ranging from Alaska to the United Arab Emirates. Some of our solutions include:


Superior Durability. Year-Round Crop Protection.

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Commercial greenhouses are constructed with steel framing, the strongest and longest-lasting framing material. Framing can span up to 50′, which means there is much less steel in the roof, and we are able to create much larger spaces and more light inside the greenhouse.  Greenhouses can be designed as shed roof, gable roof, or anything else we can imagine. Tri-wall polycarbonate glazing is hail-resistant and comes with a 10-year warranty. Insulated metal walls combine efficiency and durability, ensuring that your greenhouse investment lasts.


Commercial Greenhouse Specifications

Custom commercial greenhouses are designed for greenhouses over 3,000 sq. ft. in size. Dimensions are customized to suit the site and operational layout.

Framing is made from galvanized steel I-beams, which provide ultimate durability and large spans for maximum light transmission.

Standard glazing is a triple-wall, 16 mm polycarbonate glazing. Provides 74% light transmission and comes with a10-year warranty. Includes attachment system and hardware.

Custom glazing materials also available. More information on our polycarbonate greenhouse roofs.

The north wall is constructed out of metal insulated wall panels, insulated up to R-28. Siding is 26-gauge metal on the exterior and interior. Includes wall fasteners and flashing.

Growers have the option of insulating the east and west walls.

Ceres provides turn-key construction in the US and Canada. We also provide construction management and project planning, organizing and facilitating the project start to finish. We can facilitate the entire construction process for you, anywhere in the US and Canada. More on our greenhouse installation and construction management services. Please contact us about adding installation to your greenhouse quote.

Growing systems are customized according to growers needs, and specified after a consultation. Ceres can size, design and source:

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Frequently Asked Questions – Commercial Greenhouses

We provide tailored quotes for commercial greenhouses, as each structure is optimized for the climate and growing considerations. Pricing starts at about $30 / sq. ft.. Please contact us with some information about your project to get a quote.

Our commercial energy-efficient greenhouses are made with galvanized steel frames. Steel is the strongest framing material, and can be insulated in a variety of ways. We combine the frame with insulated metal panels, commonly used in warehouses or large industrial buildings, because of their high insulation values and ease of install.

Our standard glazing is a tri-wall, 16 mm polycarbonate. In colder climates, the triple wall polycarbonate allows us to retain more heat while still allowing in more than enough sunlight. Glazing materials can be customized to suit your climate conditions and growing goals.

Our typical greenhouse design is a shed-style roof with a single slope. We can also employ alternate building styles such as gutter-connected bays of the greenhouse. In any scenario, we work with you to create a custom structure that meets your needs, site and budget.

Yes, we provide turn-key installation anywhere in the US or Canada, using qualified local crews and Ceres certified Construction Managers to oversee the process. Please contact us for a custom quote including installation. For international projects, please see our international services.

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