Educational Greenhouses

Ceres’ year round school greenhouse kits are a great asset to any educational curriculum. Students can gain a holistic understanding of growing healthy food, from operation to production.

inside an educational greenhouse
helios- school greenhouse kits

A Multipurpose Educational Greenhouse

The benefits of educational greenhouses include:

  • Students can grow fruits and veggies prepared in their cafeteria
  • Students have access to a living classroom garden year-round
  • Teachers can fully integrate hands-on learning in the greenhouse, and take advantage of alternative learning opportunities
  • Schools create a green image for the campus

Measurable Data For Your Students

Our school greenhouse kits come equipped with our own controller systems to provide students access to data in their school’s greenhouse. With a control system in place they can measure and track humidity, light levels, and temperature. This innovative technology can be used in subjects ranging from science to business.

The Greenhouse as a Living Classroom for Science

Ceres’ greenhouse design and energy-efficient technologies also present a hands-on learning opportunity for critical math and science topics:

  • Principles of biology
  • Building design and energy transfer
  • Light and seasonal changes
  • Heat storage and thermal mass
  • Seasons and growing cycles
  • Garden to table curriculum
  • Globally responsible farming
  • Genetics experimentation

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Greenhouse Design

Beyond just science education, greenhouse building and design can provide an opportunity for students to understand and look at how everything from business to climate change can be approached through the lens of the greenhouse. Incorporate controlled environment agriculture into your high school greenhouse curriculum, or even your elementary school program.

an interdisciplinary greenhouse-high school greenhouse curriculum

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Educational FAQs

We offer Design Development services for educational institutions looking to build a greenhouse. This package includes plans for your school greenhouse, greenhouse material recommendations, and climate control systems sizing and recommendations.

We will work with an architect of your choice to create a school greenhouse that works for your institution’s specific needs and requirements.

Learn more about Design Development

Contact us to learn more

Yes. We offer educational greenhouses starting at 18ft wide by 24ft long (this length can be expanded in units of 6ft). 

Check out our BackYard Kits for more detailed information.

Or Contact us.

Yes. There are many grants available for educational institutions. We recommend starting this process by viewing our Financing Resources page

If you are not experienced with grant writing we recommend working with a local grant writer to better help you secure the grant you are after.

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and we can evaluate what is possible. 

Typically our school greenhouse kits are free standing, however, we do offer customized options depending on your institutions needs.

Absolutely. One of our educational greenhouses in Pomfret, Connecticut employed its students in the construction of their greenhouse. The students not only helped build, but also helped in the design process. Read more about it on our blog: An Aquaponic School Greenhouse Comes to Life.

Determining the correct size for your school greenhouse will depend on many factors such as: the age range of your students, whether you are looking to incorporate classroom space, whether you wish to incorporate aquaponics, budget, site constraints, etc.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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