Design Your Own Greenhouse – New Workshops

By Haley Bridgnell

Design Your Own Greenhouse – New Workshops

Design Your Own Greenhouse – New Workshops

*Note: This post is from 2015. The workshops mentioned below are most likely outdated Greenhouse Design workshops

Over the years we’ve been contacted by many people interested in designing and / or building their own energy-efficient year-round greenhouse, using passive solar design, our Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT) system and other methods which allow the greenhouse to provide it’s own heating and cooling, naturally year-round.

Now is your time to learn how. We’ll be teaching a number of courses/workshops this spring and summer. If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own greenhouse, join us at one of the events below!

Full-day Greenhouse Design Workshop 

This full-day course will go in-depth into designing, building and naturally heating/cooling your greenhouse. Topics featured include building with passive solar design principles, the best materials to use, an overview of our ground to air heat transfer system, a comparison of different thermal mass techniques, and how to use phase change materials. Includes a set of our DIY building plans ($450 value), a tour of a nearby commercial greenhouse on a farm, and lunch. This course is the best value for learning our greenhouse design, intended to give you the knowledge and tools you need to design and build your own greenhouse.

Saturday, May 9th, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
The Aquaponic Source, Longmont, Colorado
Cost: $175
Course site and reservations 

solar greenhouse design workshop

Solar Greenhouse Design 101 – Ft. Collins

This hour-long talk is hosted by the Sustainable Living Association and will give you the gist of our greenhouse design. We’ll review the basics of solar greenhouse design, talk about materials, thermal mass, insulation, and other essential elements of designing a year-round greenhouse in our Colorado climate.

Saturday, April 11, 12-1:30 pm
Christina Trouts Farm (3833 Starlight Drive, Fort Collins, CO  80524).

High-Altitude Greenhouses – Conifer

We’ll be giving a quick presentation at the Mountain Area Home Show in Conifer Sat, April 25th. This will review similar topics as above and discuss solutions to growing year-round in the mountains. We’ll also have a booth – come by and chat before or after.

Saturday, April 25th, 1 – 2 pm
Conifer High School (10441 Highway 73, Conifer, CO 80433)
Show site and class schedule here

You can also find us at:

Boulder County Farmers Markets – April 2nd, 16th and 30th
Denver’s Pearl St Market – Homesteading in the Hood event, May 17
The Aquaponic Fest, July 18th and 19th

We hope to see you soon!

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