Community Greenhouses

We support the need to build resilience in our food systems, to empower people to provide for themselves and their communities, and to form connections with one another and with food.

We have provided greenhouses to veterans groups, youth groups, Indigenous communities, non-profits, and community groups—for those whose aim it is to provide a service to the people around them, above (or aside) the goal of turning a profit.

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Ceres Community Greenhouse Design

A year-round greenhouse can bring the natural healing powers of gardening to retirement homes, correctional facilities, schools, businesses, or any place that has space and a need for fresh local food and a vibrant community. Other community greenhouse applications include:

  • Season extenders for existing farms
  • Seed starting operations
  • Rural communities in existing food deserts
  • Urban communities in existing food deserts
  • Community Centers
  • Veterans Facilities
  • First Nation Tribes

Community Greenhouse Style Options:

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community greenhouse

Why Build a Community Greenhouse?

Beside being able to provide your community with a fresh supply of produce year round there are many other benefits one might consider as a reason to operate a Community Greenhouse, including:

  • Health benefits- reduce symptoms of depression, stress, dementia, and improve mobility
  • Increased connection to nature
  • Social cohesion- opportunities to build teamwork and get to know each other
  • Higher learning- expand knowledge on subjects such as: biology, control systems, architecture and aquaponics
  • Food sovereignty- greenhouses can provide communities with the tools and resources to decrease dependence on unreliable food systems

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