Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Control Your Greenhouse Environment

Fully Automated.

Grow healthy crops using less energy.

    Greenhouse climate control for:
  • Light Deprivation
  • Supplemental Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Air Circulation
  • Water Systems
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    Ceres SunSense™ controller- greenhouse climate control

    Greenhouse Climate Control Systems: Data Analysis & Grow Support

    Optimize your greenhouse with the Ceres SunSense™ integrated controller. Take growing to the next level with the ability to measure:

    GH temperature
    GH humidity & relative humidity
    GH Vapor Pressure Deficit
    GH PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation→ the light that plants use) light
    GH Energy Consumption
    Soil Measurements (Ph, moisture, electrical conductivity, etc.)
    And more…

    Greenhouse Climate Control: The Ceres Geothermal EcoLoop™

    The EcoLoop™ is Ceres’ innovative geothermal HVAC system designed specifically for our HighYield™ Kits. Maintain precise temperature, humidity, and vapor pressure differential control while saving on your energy bill and lowering your carbon footprint.

    Greenhouse climate control- the EcoLoop

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