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Brochures that cover all of our greenhouse styles and kits.

For Residential Clients looking for a custom greenhouse solution.

A comprehensive catalog covering all of our Standard Kits.


  • The BackYard™ Kit
  • The HighYield™ Kit
  • Commercial Modular Kits
  • The Environmental Control Systems included in these Kits

Our House Kit/Greenhouse

Greenhouse Application

Brochures showcasing particular Applications for Greenhouses.

For prospective Residential clients. For those unsure of whether they want to go with a BackYard™ Kit or a Custom Design. Learn more here.

Learn how Schools have used a Ceres Greenhouse as both a living classroom and to feed their students.

Learn about how a Ceres Greenhouse can integrate with an Aquaponics Growing system.

Environmental Controls

Brochures about particular Grow Systems and Climate Control solutions.

Our patented Ground-to-Air-Heat-Transfer system for both Residential and Commercial Applications.

Grow systems and climate controls for making a smaller-scale greenhouse net zero or even net positive.

Our trademarked integrated controller. Automate your greenhouse for easier and more efficient growing.

Our trademarked HVACD solution for high value crops. A geothermal system specifically designed only for Ceres Greenhouses.

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