Aquaponics Greenhouses

While Aquaponics is a method (or system) of growing, because it requires a specific scope of knowledge, these systems are sometimes used for entirely unique applications. Aquaponics systems are often chosen for Educational Greenhouses, to teach students such concepts as: closed loop agriculture and nutrient recycling. Aquaponics greenhouses are also commonly used for both Commercial and Residential operations, in restaurants and communities.

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Ceres Aquaponic Design

Aquaponics is a system of soil-less growing that uses fish to create a fertilizer that can be recycled continuously throughout the growing system.

Ceres standard and custom aquaponic solar greenhouse designs are optimized for growing in a range of climates. We work closely with The Aquaponic Source™ to design and build greenhouses that integrate seamlessly with a range of aquaponic systems. Choose from our pre-engineered aquaponics greenhouse designs, or we can custom design a greenhouse to fit your system.

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aquaponics greenhouse for sale- aquaponic solar greenhouse

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Aquaponic Greenhouse Sizes

30x98 north HH- aquaponics greenhouse
30×98 north HH
30x98- aquaponics greenhouse
30x52- aquaponics greenhouse
23x40- aquaponics greenhouse

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Ceres Greenhouse Options

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Aquaponic Greenhouse Technology

SunSense™ Controller

One centralized system for controlling the whole environment. Monitor temperature, relative humidity, and CO2, leaf/ canopy temp, PAR, lighting zones, and outdoor weather.

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HVAC Solutions

We offer Ceres designed EcoLoop™ or EcoPack™ HVAC options depending on growing goals, budget, site constraints, and greenhouse type. All Ceres environmental controls are custom integrated to suit your needs.

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Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT®) System

The GAHT® system is a ground to air heat exchanger, a system often referred to as a ‘Climate Battery’. Ceres leads the industry in climate battery technology, having designed and installed more systems in greenhouses than any other company in the world.

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Supplemental Lighting

Different crops may demand specific lighting requirements. We offer a variety of lighting solutions designed to suit the needs of each individual operation.

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Net Zero

A NetZero greenhouse will have zero net emissions. This goal is achieved through capturing and storing energy. This can be done using a various system options. 

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ETFE Glazing

Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene is a durable, high light transmissive glazing option. It offers more than 95% light transmission, including the UV spectrum. More than other greenhouse companies, Ceres is implementing full spectrum glazings for maximum crop growth.

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Aquaponics FAQs

How can I create a year-round aquaponics passive solar greenhouse?

For backyard gardeners (under 1,000 sq. ft.), we recommend using our BackYard Kit or our Residential Greenhouse Plans and purchasing an aquaponics kit, such as those available from The Aquaponics Source™ 

For aquaponics greenhouse over 1,000 sq. ft., our HighYield™ Kit Greenhouses provide simple, cost-effective installation and durable structures for both systems. These can be combined with a pre-designed system, or a system you design and construct.

We are always here to help in the design and greenhouse selection process. Please get in touch with more about the best fit for your situation.

Should I implement an aquaponics or hydroponic grow system in my greenhouse?

Aquaponics and hydroponics are both methods of growing plants without soil. They both provide popular and powerful means for producing vegetables and fruits and can be the right choice for specific residential and commercial applications. 

For those looking to incorporate a closed loop system of growing, then aquaponics might be a better option.

Hydroponics, while simpler to manage and operate, requires the continuous purchase of outside nutrients.

Contact us to learn more about which system might be a better option for your greenhouse operation.

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