Applications for Ceres Solar Greenhouses


Residential Greenhouses

We have a range of options to help home gardeners grow fresh, local and sustainable food year round. Utilize our pre-fabricated year round greenhouse kits, and create a durable, high-performance greenhouse in your backyard. Or, create the perfect greenhouse for your home with our custom greenhouse design and engineering services. Learn more.[/minti_box][minti_box]

Aquaponic Greenhouse Designs

Save energy and money with an energy efficient aquaponic greenhouse. Choose from our aquaponic greenhouse kits or design your own custom aquaponic greenhouse.[/minti_box]


Energy Efficient Cannabis Greenhouses

Integrating proven passive solar greenhouse design, renewable energy systems, automated controls, and light deprivation systems, Ceres creates advanced cannabis greenhouses.[/minti_box][minti_box]

Commercial Greenhouse Growers

Ceres greenhouses enable commercial farmers to save energy and money, while increasing yields. Growers can choose from our commercial HighYield Greenhouse kits, or create a customized commercial greenhouse that meets their needs. Learn more. [/minti_box][minti_box]

Schools and Institutions

A year round school greenhouses provides a hands-on learning environment and a place where students can learn to grow their own food. Ceres provides custom year round greenhouses for schools and institutions of all sizes. Learn more. [/minti_box]