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A Whole Systems Approach

At Ceres we are more than just a greenhouse company. Every system is designed using the highest quality materials and equipment, with customized environmental controls to suit your desired climate and growing goals.

We are there for our clients every step of the way, from navigating funding to providing growing data for commercial greenhouse operations. We care that our clients succeed in making the world a greener place. Let’s increase our food security together.

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What Makes Ceres Unique?

Light Harvesting

Whether you are growing in a commercial greenhouse, or in need of residential greenhouse solutions, we use our patented passive solar design to harness the highest amount of full spectrum sunlight, capturing the benefits of outdoor growing within a controlled environment.

Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT®) System

The GAHT® system is a ground to air heat exchanger, a system often referred to as a ‘Climate Battery’. Ceres leads the industry in climate battery technology, having designed and installed more systems in greenhouses than any other company in the world.

ETFE Glazing

Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene is a durable, high light transmissive glazing option. It offers more than 95% light transmission, including the UV spectrum. More than other greenhouse companies, Ceres is implementing full spectrum glazings for maximum crop growth.

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